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Ministry Notes

August 2022 

Interim Pastor’s Musings

I just saw the documentary at Rotary Club that was recently produced about Ralph Samuelson and the birth of waterskiing on Lake Pepin in 1922. Ralph was 19 years old when he bent the tips of 9 foot pieces of wood that he strapped to his feet behind a boat that could barely hit 14 knots (16 mph).

Ralph didn’t know he was making history but he was.

Did you know that in some way you and I are also making history in the way we live? We may not think what we are doing is earth-shaking or worthy of print in a book but yet we are making an impression on someone’s life. We may or may not know whose life we are impacting but we are writing a chapter of history in someone’s life.

The Call Committee that represents both Cross of Christ and Cannon River Lutheran are certainly making significant decisions that will mark the history of both churches. They are currently interviewing candidates interested in being the next settled pastor of these churches for the years to come. Yes the Spirit of God is at work in the way we make decisions. As we follow Christ, day by day, the spirit is guiding all of us. Yes through the Spirit’s work we all are writing history whether we know it or not.

Please keep the Call Committee in your prayers as they make important decisions in the coming weeks. They are indeed making history in the lives of both congregations.

Both Christ of Christ and Cannon River Lutheran have written a wonderful chapter of God’s love and grace in my life. Yes you have made history. You have been and will always be reflections of Christ’s promise of new life.

I am so honored to be with you as your Interim Pastor. I thank God for you! I thank God for your witness to the faithfulness and benevolence of Christ. Until the decision has been made regarding your next pastor (or until October 18) I will continue to proclaim God’s word of grace and celebrate the Lord’s Supper with you.

Together in the embrace of God’s Spirit we are writing a chapter of history about the love of God that in Christ transforms us into children of God. Thanks be to God! Thanks for your love and faithfulness.

You are indeed writing a page of history! Don’t forget it! I certainly won’t forget it!

Pastor Dan

Church Phone: 651-388-3464

Interim Pastor: Dan Nordin

Pastors Cell Number: 763-458-5066  

Pastors Email: [email protected]