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Ministry Notes

October 2021 

I love spring. I love when the grass turns green and the buds on the trees swell and burst into leaves. It feels like the whole world is re-awakening. New life is exciting!

I’m not so crazy about fall. To me it feels like a time to take care of things. Time to check the furnace, clean out the garage and put all the “outdoor things” away… Time to batten the hatches! Days are getting shorter and the lower temps hint of what’s to come.

Fall and winter are not my favorite seasons, but they are part and parcel of the rhythm of life. As the seasons come and go, so do the seasons of life.

I talked with an old friend from Austin last week, I hadn’t seen him in over three years. His daughter drove him to Welch just so we could visit. We used to go out for beer and pizza and talk about how meaningful life is when you’re involved with projects in the community. Last week we talked about how he couldn’t do that anymore. It’s a hard change to make… One of the seasons in life is making a transition from human doing to human being.

As I retire, I’m mindful that seasons will come and seasons will bring change. I hope and pray that whatever the seasons bring, like my friend, I find the resources to be loving, kind and gracious.

When I look back at my life, there have been many different seasons. And curiously, I’m thankful for all of them. It’s like they are all meaningful in their own way, and safely stored away… Every season is amazingly unique, there will never be another like it.

When my old friend and I hugged to say goodbye, there were smiles and tears. When you dare to love someone, it changes your heart.

My heart has forever been changed because of my season with you. It has been an absolute privilege and honor to be here. As I take my leave, my season with you is complete. I will cherish it, it was meaningful and unique, and it will be safely stored away in my memory, and I trust yours as well.

I pray that whatever the seasons bring, for you and for me, God’s love and promises will always fill our hearts with gratitude, joy and peace.

In Christ’s love,


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