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Ministry Notes

August 2021

One of the prayers I recently said in worship was about the contributions of people that go unnoticed. In every church, there are people who make significant contributions that go under the radar screen. They don’t do it for recognition, or credit; they do it because their hearts are in it. And every church has people like this!

In my former church there was Bev, and she had been a school teacher. She never married or had any kids of her own, so the school kids and the church kids were her kids! One year for confirmation, Bev decided that the confirmation robes were too old. And she was right, many of them were fraying at the seams. I had an inkling she was up to something…

Unbeknownst to anyone, one day a shipment of new confirmation robes appeared! No one knew who had given them. The business administrator tried to find out, but the company refused to give the information.

I remember the confirmation class that year, everyone looked so nice, with those beautiful new robes. And it seemed to me that Bev was particularly curious to see them!

Bev was always in church, answering the phone and helping any way she could. She had a servant heart, always giving, and shunning any recognition.

I’ll never know if Bev gave the confirmation robes, but to my way of thinking, she did. And just like she wanted, no one would ever know… And in her heart, she radiated love and generosity. She was a close friend and a Saint I will always remember.

There was also Bud. He was a handy man and could make virtually anything out of wood. He put his mind to making baptismal boxes, which we gave out to every child that was baptized. The last time I heard, he had made over five hundred of them!

I went over to his house one day to help. His whole garage was turned into a baptismal box making factory! There were patterns for cutting, jigs for assembling, he even had a branding iron where he could put the name of the church on the lid of each box. They were all professionally crafted.

Bud then brought me into the house and showed me a picture album of all the projects he had built for the church. I couldn’t believe it! Everything from lecterns to bulletin boards, from office shelves to pew holders, you name it, he had built it! And over the years the projects kept coming in and he just kept building, and with a grateful heart! Bud was simply a servant leader…

I noticed that Bud recently passed away at 101. He was a close friend and a Saint I will always remember.

Here at Cross of Christ and Cannon River, we have Saints exactly like that, too. Hard working, behind the scenes, not drawing any attention to themselves… You know who they are… And we are all blessed because of them, and I thank God for their ministry!


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