Ministry Notes

August 2020

Before I started to write anything, I went back and re-read what I had written for the Country Chronicles last March. I was talking about spring and how the world comes alive. The grass turns green, the leaves sprout, the weather warms… So much optimism and excitement!

And ohh, how things have changed…

Don’t get me wrong, we really did have a nice spring with green grass and leaves and all that… Unfortunately, it also came with a novel coronavirus. We weren’t sure what to expect and we were pretty much expecting the worst. So, schools closed, restaurants closed, churches closed…

And if there was any silver lining at all, at least we all felt like we were in this thing together. It felt like there was some social agreement on what to do. But now, even that is pretty much gone.

Then we had the death of George Floyd. What was already a cranky situation exploded in ways we could never have imagined. Spawning still more violence and destruction and who knows what… If you’re like me, you’re wondering, “What’s going on with the world?”

As I write, the virus continues to spread… Over 140,000 people have died, hospitals in parts of Florida and Texas have maxed out their ICUs. Researchers have better information, but depending on where you get your news, it’s either really, really bad-- or not a problem.

And of course, we’re in an election year, so all manner of spinning is happening. So, we’re not only fearful, we don’t know who to listen to.

It feels like danger and chaos is everywhere. I go through periods when I can’t watch the news. It not only makes me cynical; it makes me paralyzed. There’s so much badness out there! And that’s certainly no way to live…

On August ninth, our gospel reading will be about Jesus walking on water. In biblical stories, water is often associated with danger and chaos. We have Noah and the flood, we have the Israelites crossing through the Red Sea on dry land (it didn’t turn out well for the Egyptians!), we have Jonah and the whale, and even in the New Testament we have the story of Apostle Paul being shipwrecked.

When Jesus walks on water, he is not only walking on water, he’s walking across all the danger and chaos that humanity can possibly muster—and that gives me comfort. Jesus is the master of our disaster.

So, especially when the seas of danger and chaos rage and foam, take the hand of Jesus and you can walk over anything.

Take good care, my friends…


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